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The Giving Tree - Animated Children's Book

סיפורו של העץ הנדיב, בקריינות ואנימציה.

מתאים לט" בשבט.


הצעות להרחבה:

A - Action (פעולה): מה עשה העץ הנדיב כדי לעזור ליצורים האחרים?

B - Belief (אמונה): למה אתה חושב שהעץ בחר לתת ולא לקחת?

C - Connection (קשר): האם אתה זוכר מקרה שבו עזרת למישהו אחר כמו העץ הנדיב? ספר על זה.

D - Decision (החלטה): אילו החלטות תקבל כדי לחקות את העץ ולתת יותר?

A - Action: What did the generous tree do to help the other creatures?

B - Belief: Why do you think the tree chose to give rather than take?

C - Connection: Can you remember a time when you helped someone else like the generous tree? Tell us about it.

D - Decision: What decisions will you make to emulate the tree and give more?


  • Generous

  • Kind

  • Giving

  • Sharing

  • Caring

  • Helpful

  • Thoughtful

  • Supportive

  • Friendly

  • Considerate

  • Selfless

  • Charitable

  • Thoughtful

  • Big-hearted

Simple text:

The Green Family loved to help others. Mr. Green volunteered at the animal shelter on weekends. He walked the dogs and played with the cats. Mrs. Green baked cookies every Thursday for the firefighters. The cookies gave them energy for their hard work. Their daughter Lucy was generous too. She donated old toys and books to the children's hospital. It made the kids smile during their stay. Their son Mark was thoughtful. He shoveled snow for elderly neighbors all winter long. The Green family tried to be kind, giving and considerate every day. They knew that small acts of generosity could make a big difference to others.

To reinforce the vocabulary, you could have students identify words from the list they hear in the text. You could also have them practice using the words by rewriting or summarizing the text in their own words. Drawing pictures to illustrate examples of generosity from the text is another activity. Acting out scenes that demonstrate the vocabulary could also help solidify the words.

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